Domain Renewal Group – Well I was expecting it

So it began…….

Expiration Notice

As a courtesy to domain names, we are sending you the notification of the domain name registration that is due to expire in the next few months. When you ****Switch**** today to the domain renewal, you can take advantage of our best savings, blah blah, blah

I emphasised ‘Switch’ as it’s a key word. Switch indeed. I bought the .net domain though, so I expect it’ll auto renew when it expires (1st Feb, 2010)

Act today!

So it continues………

You must renew your domain name to retain exclusive rights to it on the Web, and now is the time to transfer and renew from your current Registrar to the Domain Renewal Group………Privatization of Domain Registrations and Renewals now allows the consumer the choice of Registrars……..Domain name holder are not obligated to renew their domain name with their current Registrar or with the Domain Renewal Group

I’ve read the letter and indeed, it’s written so you are aware. However some will be caught out by the wording and just jump to renew. Mainly to protect their important web IP.

it continues…..

Review our prices and decide for yourself. You are under no obligation to pay the amounts stated below, unless you accept this offer.

So I did check the prices.

1 Year: Domain Renewal Group £20 – 123-Reg £9.99
2 Year: Domain Renewal Group £35 – 123-Reg £19.98

DRG offer a 5 year price of £65 with a staggering £35 off. Now 123-Reg don’t offer a discount, but the 5 year price is £49.95.

So thank you for your kind offer Domain Renewal Group, but I prefer to stay with my original registrar.

Expiration Notice

The Domain Renewal Group, have a UK office:

56 Gloucester Road,
Suite 526

The office located at this address is…..

Small Suite
Image obtained and © Google Maps 2009

Looking at this address it also appears to be the same as the ‘Domain Registry of America’ and ‘Registration Services Incorporated’ (according to Google searches anyway). is a useful tool for finding info out.

It seems DRG do actually register your domain should you choose them, but they seem to charge over the top (100% in my case – over 1 year) for the process.

Please note this sort of letter only seems to appear if you have a .com .net .org (US based) domain name. I guess it may happen in the UK for, but I’ve not heard of one. Just as usual, whenever you get anything check it, even if it does include information you might not think another company could’ve obtained.

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