Pier – May 2018 edition!

When by the sea I have to shoot some piers – Sadly Morgan was not around but Teignmouth was.   I’ve taken images of this before, but with restrictions on time you can never have enough.

Teignmouth Pier – XPro2 – XF18-55mm – ƒ/18.0 – 18.0mm – 30 Seconds – iso200

Bit of a flat lighting day with a featureless sky, but the ND1000 filter from srbphotographic helped to bring out a bit of movement in the clouds and whilst the sea was relatively calm it managed to capture some of the movement there.

Image taken on a Fujifilm X-Pro2, using a XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS lens.

The exposure details are:
ƒ/18.0 – 18.0mm – 30 Seconds – iso200

The image was imported into Lightroom and tweaked a little (ie got rid of a few dust bunnies!) – then exported to Photoshop and run through Nik Efex / Viveza filter to bring out detail using the structure slider. I think the overall output is better in Monochrome then colour, hence what I’ve added to Flickr.

The Print Process

As a photographer I should really be printing shouldn’t I?

Well it’s taken me long enough to get round to looking at printing.   I don’t mean printing at home as that is pretty much a false economy.  A decent A3 printer, configured to use continuous inking systems and the cost of paper you’re looking at around £400 just to start.  And that’s before you factor in calibration etc.   So printing then – Labs prints aren’t cheap, but when you consider how much I print then Lab costs mean I can probably do 40-50 prints before it costs more.   And by lab prints I mean A3 and above.

Central Library Pano

The above image I’ve had printed by Palm Labs for £10, we had a few calibration issues with some moiré patterning so I’ve ended up with 3 other prints (which I gave Steve £10 for) which were going to be binned – which for me are fine for print samples.     This print could not be done at home as it’s 32″ x 8″ so already a home printing solution wouldn’t be viable here.

The next step is framing, the library pano is no use for club competitions due to the size, but the intention was always for get a frame and mount for it.   Currently the cheapest price is around £35 from a company called Picframes – who I have no experience with, but at that price it’s certainly worth a punt.


Scanning again…

This time it’s a few scans of a couple of recent lunchtime walks around Birmingham.   Using my Canon AV-1 and loaded with Ilford Delta 400 I took a walk around the rotunda side of the city.

Millenium Point
Millenium Point
Mr Egg
Under the Bull

A mixed bag as you can see, but it’s a struggle to find new viewpoints in the City – I’ll keep trying and hoping the avoid the usual suspects in terms of pictures.

April Redux

Time for another delve into the Archive of my last decade of Lightroom images.    What spurred me on this time was a new Instagram hub (https://www.instagram.com/brutifulbirmingham/)  which concentrates on Brutal images from the past and present (not that there’s much left!).

I know I’ve published a number of Central Library images – but I knew that there are many I’ve discounted previously – so time for a revisit.


Brutal Steps
Brutal Desks

All images were taken on the same night during a 4am Project visit to the library complex.   Images shot on  combination that I never really liked, my Canon Eos 5D MkII and 17-40 f/4 L lens.

The last image is a pano of 3 images rather than a fisheye.

New Brutalism


A modern brutalist stair case at Snow Hill Station, taken on a lunch time walk.

Fujifilm X-E3  XF27mmF2.8
ƒ/6.4 – 1/350 – ISO200

Was initially an in camera conversion, but this one is treated via LR + Nik Efex