Competition results in…..

……and I’m quite pleased to be honest.

My smoking break print was 2nd and the city reflections was highly commended.   With regards to digital, the Church was highly commended but the Millennium point image didn’t register a thing.

So points on the board after the first round is always a good thing.

It should be 5 points for the print and 3 points for the digital.  With regards to points only your highest awarded image/print is scored.

Digital Entries for 1st Quarterly Competition

Here are the two selections for the PDI side of the first quarterly competition.

First image, titled Millennium Point.

Taken on one of my lunch time walks at work.   Fujifilm X-E3,  XF28mm,  ƒ8 – 1/420 – iso200

The Second image is titled:  The Church

Fujifilm X-Pro2,  XF18-55mm,  ƒ6.4 – 2min – iso200 – SRB ND1000 Filter fitted.

I wanted a slow exposure to capture a ghostly image of the minister as the service was conducted.   A bit of negative Dehaze tool has created a HDR effect.


YPS – 1st Quarterly 2018/19 Season

Entries for the YPS 1st Quarterly Print/PDI competition

In a change from most years, this season I’ve decided to take the print competitions more seriously.  One of the main reasons is we struggle with prints in the Interclub competitions – so anything I can do to help this season has got to be worth it.   Previously I’ve talked about printing and came to the conclusion that a lab print is better value with the limited quantity of prints required for the year (10 probably would cover them – I tend never to re-enter any of my images more than once).

So the first two prints are ones that have been viewed 4000 times between them on Flickr.

The left image is titled Cigarette Break (Fire Office Passage, Birmingham).  It’s in my top ten with 2,800 views.

Technical Details:  Fujifilm X-E3 – XF27mm –  ƒ/2.8 – 1/950 – iso200

Printed by Steve at Palm Labs on Kodak Endura Matt Paper.

The right image is titled City Refections (Shine and Shade on Flickr) – Taken from the back of Grand Central Station (Birmingham).  This one is a little less successful as it’s propping up the top 20 with 1822 views.

Technical Details:  Fujifilm X-E3 – XF27mm –  ƒ/5.0 – 1/55 – iso200

Printed by Steve at Palm Labs on Kodak Endura Metallic Paper – I’ve tried a number of images with this paper and it lifts with image a little – not too sure what will happen when viewed on the daylight balanced lightbox the club has though.

The intension with publishing of these images well before the submission date is to keep on top of where my images are going.  I intend to do the same with the digital competition, however these last few weeks haven’t been great – so some things are slipping through the net a bit.   Hopefully all back on track again soon.

Summer update…..

Well as it’s September that marks the meteorological end of Summer – and what a summer it’s been.

I lost another parent to Cancer so that ends a couple of shitty years watching those I love pass away.

Fitness regime has taken a hit, sadly not a HIIT – but I hope to get back on track once more. Now as it’s September it’s the start of the Camera Club season (YPS) so expect to see more image related posts soon (very soon for the first one!)

Pier – May 2018 edition!

When by the sea I have to shoot some piers – Sadly Morgan was not around but Teignmouth was.   I’ve taken images of this before, but with restrictions on time you can never have enough.

Teignmouth Pier – XPro2 – XF18-55mm – ƒ/18.0 – 18.0mm – 30 Seconds – iso200

Bit of a flat lighting day with a featureless sky, but the ND1000 filter from srbphotographic helped to bring out a bit of movement in the clouds and whilst the sea was relatively calm it managed to capture some of the movement there.

Image taken on a Fujifilm X-Pro2, using a XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS lens.

The exposure details are:
ƒ/18.0 – 18.0mm – 30 Seconds – iso200

The image was imported into Lightroom and tweaked a little (ie got rid of a few dust bunnies!) – then exported to Photoshop and run through Nik Efex / Viveza filter to bring out detail using the structure slider. I think the overall output is better in Monochrome then colour, hence what I’ve added to Flickr.