Training Update 2

Quite an interesting week just gone and a sneak peek into this week.

Cycling: 10 journeys to/from work 14 miles per day
Running: Managed to do around 3.2km once during the week – slight issues with motivation and waking up for a run!
Swimming: Initially maintained my 16-32-8 sessions, but progressed to swimming the final leg without the pull buoy.
The final leg increased initially to 16, then on a weekend session managed 20 then 8.

Today’s (Monday) session was another good one – started with 16 with the float, moved on to 32 without it and then a further 16 without the float. So 64 lengths completed. Maybe +/- a couple of lengths as I usually loose count!

So it looks as if the swimming is almost there, just need to work on pace. Now time to start on the running.

Also the diet could do with a bit of work!!!

New Target Smashed!!!!!

Not a lot to say other than remember that 16 length target? Well you can consider that well smashed!

Today I managed 20 lengths unaided – the pool at Fox Hollies is apparently 25 metres, though it doesn’t feel like it is. That might be due to the shallow depth.

So quite happy today – celebrated with a couple of sausage rolls and a rock cake from Greggs! Not exactly an athlete training diet, but it’s Saturday so I tend to let myself go a bit.

Just hoping the temperature starts to rise a little as I can start to work on my running training.

Target reached (just 8 months late!)

Before last years ‘fun’ triathlon I set a target of eight lengths of my local pool, so I’d be prepared for the 200 metre open water swim. The event has been and gone and the swimming target was never reached. But today I have reached that milestone (well 200 metrestone!).

As part of my swimming training i’ve been mostly using the pull buoy, but this week I have also started to swim without it. The pull buoy has helped with my breathing and my position – whilst it’s still not great it’s a vast improvement over last year.

After my 16-48 and 4 without the buoy swim earlier in the week I thought I’d try 8 at the end. To my surprise it worked. I wasn’t feeling too bad and more importantly I could actually walk afterwards!

Next target is 16 lengths unaided.

Training update

As I’ve committed to blogging a little more about it I might as well start with an update for the week just gone.

The updates are pretty much a log of what exercise I managed to do the previous week.

Cycling: 10 times – Approx 7 miles each journey (work)
Swimming: 3 Times – Approx 1.2km each session – start with 16 lengths – then a 32 length session – currently finishing off with 2 lengths, but without using my pull buoy.
Running: Nothing!

Injury updates:

Slight annoyance on my right upper arm – niggling injury, but nothing to cause concern yet.

Fell off my bike on Friday night (slipped on black ice) – no injuries other than a few scrapes/scratches – a few joints aching but no real problems.