New Lens – XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS

Unusually for me I didn’t blog about the long drawn out process of indecision before choosing a lens. The 55-200 (XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS – to give it the full title) is a lens I’ve been meaning to check out for a while, it helps cover a gap in the focal range from 55 to 100mm. It’s also a much more convenient carry around lens compared to the 100-400mm as this image shows……

55-200 vs 100-400
Size matters?

As you can see it’s a little over half the size of the 100-400 as well as being considerably lighter. Not that the 100-400 is that heavy when compared to my old Canon Stuff.

Fuji Collection
Part of my Fujifilm Collection (and a Samyang!)

I normally wait for the Photography Show or Fuji’s Winter/Summer offerings, but nothing was available, plus the lens I bought was local to me at the time (Mifsuds – Brixham) for around £530 (about 20% cheaper than new). Condition wise, mostly mint to be honest – the box was good apart from a bit of tape and the lens hood looks a little worn around the mount – but on the whole it was perfect for what I wanted.

In the subsequent couple of months of ownership I’ve not really had a chance to test it, but a spare Saturday and a local railway line and airport gave me an opportunity to point the lens at something other than my dog.

West Coast
West Coast Mainline Pendolino – Avanti West Coast Fuji X-E3, Fuji 55-@200mm 128mm 1/1250 f/4.4 iso200
Logan Air
Logan Air – Embraer Fuji X-E3, Fuji 55-200 @60mm 1/2700 f/5.6 iso200

Both shots are quite ordinary to be honest, but considering it’s a basic (almost kit) lens I was happy with the handling and quality of the images. The Logan Air image was tweaked a bit as it was a little dark, but that’s fairly normal for the angle of the shot and cloud.

Hopefully I can get to use it a bit more in the next few weeks and I may even remember to update the blog!

Sony Viewdata KTX-9000 Review!!

I’ve probably not mentioned it before, but I have a couple of those old Sony Travel Agent Terminals which were on a long list of things to deal with when I’m bored. So after a year of on/off lockdowns and home working I’ve reached the boredom threshold where I’ve taken a look at the list.

Way back I wrote a program so I could use them as an info screen – but I got stuck and left it. Moving on 25 years later I dug them out of the loft and had a look at what I did and simplified it.

I’ve documented what I did for my first video for my YouTube Channel.

I’ve added an embedded video at the bottom of the post – enjoy!!

YouTube link to my Retro Site for you to enjoy


Might have done similar posts before, can’t be bothered to search!

Misty Fireworks – Brixham

Bit of a re-work from an old shot from a couple of years ago in Brixham

New Season (slightly late)

It’s that time again – actually it was a few weeks back, but I didn’t get round to posting the images for the 1st Quarterly, or the RoseBowl/3 of a kind.

So these are the efforts for the 2nd Quartlerly:


Central Library
Central Library
Centre Point

The Centre Point image did well in the quarterly as a digital image, but the lights in the building distracted the judge too much – so for the print i’ve toned them down a bit. The Central Library image is one I though might look good as a print – so I’ll give it a go.


Bins – back streets of Brum

Rock n Roll (title might change as I think its shite!)

A couple of randoms for the digital. They might change, but at least I’ve done some!