Christmas possible lens indecision

Well, it’s coming up that time of year were I think about spending money once more – I had planned to save up a bit of cash and pick up a 56mm lens but funds aren’t there at the moment.  But Fuji are running cash back offers again – typically £45 for cheaper lenses moving up to £90 and higher for expensive glass.    For some reason because they like me* they’re also offering an extra £100 off as well so that’s got me thinking once more!

The 90mm is currently at £799 so that’s another temptation (as it’s a replacement for my old Canon EF135 F2), but also some shorter ranges are superb

I’ve been thinking about the 18mm for a while to use on my X-E3.  Currently that gets at £45 cash back, so with the £100 extra off it’s available for around £300  which on the face of it is a steal, but it can be obtained 2nd hand via MPB for £259!

One other option is a bit of a gap filler – the 55-200.   It’s a small zoom and ideal as a carry around lens instead of the monster 100-400 – that has the advantage of being available at John Lewis so I can get 12% discount, plus £90 and £100 cash back.  It ends up around £360 give of take a quid or so – but do I actually need it?

*Probably a generic email


/edit  Just noticed the t’s & c’s:

Excludes XF8-16mm, XF200mm, XF18mmF2, XF23mmF2, XF27mmF2.8, XF35mmF2 and XF50mmF2 lenses.

That that knackers my idea of a discount on a short lens!!

/edit 2 Just noticed John Lewis isn’t on the retailer list either!!

/edit 3 Decided to get the 14mm in the end.  Not bought it yet – but Wex are getting one in for me and hopefully I’ll pick it up at the weekend 🙂