Bike it

Well it seems a sensible solution to the ever increasing shite petrol prices. Though to be fair I’m only driving to the station at present. This however is where a problem lies for me. Acocks Green station seems to have these strange little bike stores that no one knows about. Well, the people in the station don’t know about it. It might be Centro, then again it might not.

The award for the shittest cycling provision goes to Olton station. This has a locked cycling area. Who has the key? Apparently the person in the ticket office. This is fine when someone is there, but often when I’ve used the various stations in the region it’s closed. So if you come home and want your bike when the ticket office is closed then tough. Although I was told you could phone to see if there is anyone in. Pretty pointless if you ask me.

Final solution might be to cycle to work, biggest problem is it’s in the Jewellery Quarter which is bleedin miles away. This would add probably an extra hour or so on to the journey home. Still it’s worth considering as we have shower facilities at the office. For the moment as Rachel is at nursery I’d still need the car at the station for 2 days of the week. But 3/5 days would save me a fair amount I reckon.

Time to dust off the old beast?