So #spectrum30 day is here

Today is the official launch day of the Sinclair Spectrum 30 years ago.

I’ll be posting a fair bit more tomorrow (after I’ve taken the daughter to school), but to get you in the mood – here’s one I did yesterday……

So in a rough form, the running order (I’ll tidy it later):

1) Jet Set Willy – Software Projects – 2 copies of this failed to load.
2) Manic Miner – Bug-Byte Software – Failed to Load

Ultimate saves the day –

3) TranzAm – Can you collect the 8 Cups of Ultimate? Well I managed 2 one my first go (4 on my second go), which isn’t great but at least I tried. Quite a tough little game to be honest. Go too fast and you run out fuel and over heat, go too slow and the ‘Deadly Black Turbos’ will get you.

Good fun and fast paced. Play area is a little squashed. But overall good fun.

TranzAm - Ultimate Play the Game

4) TLL – Tornado Low Level. Basically – fly around and wipe out enemy targets (by just flying over them!) Simple game, made more complex because of a ‘3D’ landscape and the compact screen. I don’t think the RAF will be calling to be honest.

Tornado Low Level

Tornado Low Level

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