So, indecision strikes again.

Just when I though it was safe to think about new kit purchase, 2 things happen.

1) Someone says I might be disappointed with 1DS Mark II N.

2) 300mm f/4 Lens seems less good next to the 300 f/2.8 lens.

So as indecision strikes so do the ideas. Now I still very much would like the 1D, but also I’d like the lens.

Now that works out at £2100 for the 1D and £2873 for the lens. A nice total of £4973. Now pricing up B&H in New York the same items come to $7369.90 which using the ebay currency converter comes to £3778.12. Now this is before any duty is applied. So assuming duty for the lens is 6% (DLSR’s are 0%) and adding VAT @17.5% this comes out to £4203.91. A saving on the UK price of £769.09. Factoring shipping costs, it could be around £650 saving.

Apparently all L series lenses come with a one year international warranty. Not overly sure about the body though. Still I’m going to email Kerso on ebay to see what he can do (outside of ebay and Paypal). I know he sells the lens on Ebay for £2650 so assuming he’ll give a 4% discount for avoiding them it might be another £100 off. Still he might tell me to sod off!

/edit. That was fooking quick, he’ll do it for £2500! Bargain. It might go up with $, could go down. Still very decent price and he seems to be a very decent seller.

/edit 2: Forgot about the 8.375% New York State tax. That puts a shitter on the NY trip 🙁

Because i’m bored!

Right, as avid readers will know I’m looking to spend money again. Right then a simple price match for the following:

Canon Eos 1DS Mark II N – Canon EF 300 f/4 IS USM – Canon EF 1.4x Extender

Retailer Body Lens Extender Total
AJ Purdy 2189.00 979.00 229.00 3397.00
Warehouse Express 2100.00 979.00 229.00 3308.00
Jessops 2299.99 1299.98 284.99 3883.97
Tecno 2188.95 997.38 225.41 3411.74
Mifsuds 2149.00 1079.00 219.00 3447.00
Pixmania 2572.00 958.00 219.00 3794.00
Cameras2u 2188.80 888.00 n/a 3076.00*
Walters 2199.99 979.99 229.99 3409.97
Calumet 2279.99 899.99 201.50 3381.48


Body – Warehouse Express: £2100

Lens – Cameras2u: £888.00

Extender – Calumet: £201.50

Total: £3189.50


Body: 1849.99

Lens: 669.99

Ext: 147.99

Total: 2667.97**

*item not in stock

** excludes postage at around £25 per item

Though the reality is I’ll probably wait until Focus 2007 to see what happens. A new body is rumoured (as always).

Xmas Montage

Quite happy with this one.

Just wonder what the collective bods at AP and NTSC think. The image itself is made up 4 separate digital pictures. All cropped chopped etc with Photoshop CS3.

/edit: Update, didn’t win the AP comp. Got highly commended though, which I’m very happy with 🙂