Fujifilm XF14mm f/2.8 R

I’ve been looking for a while to pick up another lens, but was waiting for the right time etc.   However the marketing people at Fujifilm know this so a well timed £100 voucher and the winter cash back tempted me.

I was looking at picking up the XF18mm to accompany my X-E3 and 27mm.   Unfortunately the 18mm (along with the 23, 35, and 50) was excluded in the £100 voucher offer so I had to look elsewhere (I could’ve simply just not bothered, but a £100+Cashback saving is hard to turn down).

Why the 14mm?  I’ve toyed with a few different lenses such as the 56mm and 90mm.  The 56mm is a choice of many portrait photographers (matches roughly the 85mm on a Full Frame sensor) – but as I don’t really shoot portraits  it’s probably not a great choice at the moment.

The 90mm is a bit of an odd size (similar to the 135mm on FF), but having previously owned the Canon EF135 f/2 L it’s a type of lens I loved.   Still at this moment I consider it to be a nice to have lens rather than something that would get a lot of use.

Fujifilm X-E3, XF14mm f/2.8 R

Package wise, the XF14mm is a small compact unit – although not as small as the 18mm or the 27mm lenses.   It’s compact enough to fit in my small bag which I take to work in my rucksack.  The hood adds a little to the bulk,  but it’s an item you’d need to carry around as being a wide lens you may get a bit of flare in the sun light.

Fujifilm X-E3, XF14mm f/2.8 R

One of the annoyances with the 27mm pancake lens is the lack of the aperture ring, its a welcome addition on the 14mm.   Feature wise the 14mm is a little sparse, no IS and no obvious manual focus option.  The latter is available – the switch is actually the focus ring.  The ring can be pushed forward to enable auto focus and pulled back to switch to manual.  It’s a bit odd,  but you do get used to it.

14mm vs 18mm

Unfortunatley I purchased the lens on one the most miserable days of the year so far – hence testing have been limited.  The above image shows the what the extra 4mm gives you.   Granted it’s not a super wide angle (around 21mm on FF) but for most of my street/architecture images it’ll allow me to get a bit more in.

Close up Bokeh
Lens cap vs 27mm

In the end after the discount I picked the lens up for £644, plus after 30 days I’ll be able to claim back an additional £135 – so £509 for a nice wide angle was worth it.  Initial testing looks good, but I’ll be a better position to do some real testing next week when I’m back in the city centre.

Christmas possible lens indecision

Well, it’s coming up that time of year were I think about spending money once more – I had planned to save up a bit of cash and pick up a 56mm lens but funds aren’t there at the moment.  But Fuji are running cash back offers again – typically £45 for cheaper lenses moving up to £90 and higher for expensive glass.    For some reason because they like me* they’re also offering an extra £100 off as well so that’s got me thinking once more!

The 90mm is currently at £799 so that’s another temptation (as it’s a replacement for my old Canon EF135 F2), but also some shorter ranges are superb

I’ve been thinking about the 18mm for a while to use on my X-E3.  Currently that gets at £45 cash back, so with the £100 extra off it’s available for around £300  which on the face of it is a steal, but it can be obtained 2nd hand via MPB for £259!

One other option is a bit of a gap filler – the 55-200.   It’s a small zoom and ideal as a carry around lens instead of the monster 100-400 – that has the advantage of being available at John Lewis so I can get 12% discount, plus £90 and £100 cash back.  It ends up around £360 give of take a quid or so – but do I actually need it?

*Probably a generic email


/edit  Just noticed the t’s & c’s:

Excludes XF8-16mm, XF200mm, XF18mmF2, XF23mmF2, XF27mmF2.8, XF35mmF2 and XF50mmF2 lenses.

That that knackers my idea of a discount on a short lens!!

/edit 2 Just noticed John Lewis isn’t on the retailer list either!!

/edit 3 Decided to get the 14mm in the end.  Not bought it yet – but Wex are getting one in for me and hopefully I’ll pick it up at the weekend 🙂


Results in from the confused jury…..

No not that euro thing, the 2nd Quarterly at YPS – A bit of a mixed bag for me   One print was Commended (possibly highly commended – i really lost count as the judge gave out so many of them).   Digital was better as I scored a 2nd place with my Chesterton image.

The tables are quite tight at the moment as both print and digital are separated by 3-4 points amongst the top 4.

It’s the John Bate competition on Tuesday  so no points up for grabs, we’ll wait and see what the judge thinks.

Competition – YPS – John Bate – updated

It’s that time again, we’ve not even had the 2nd Quarterly yet – but the hand in is almost upon us for the John Bate competition.   So leaving the disappointment of the 3 of a kind and Rose Bowl behind here’s another 4 images for the judge to view.

First up is a the digital section.

My first image (Fast Spin) is a slow shutter shot of a ride at Paignton.

Fast Spin – Fujifilm X-Pro2 – XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R LM OIS – ƒ/9.0 – 18.0mm – 60 Seconds – iso200

The second image is an old Canon shot of the Lake District (Wast Water way I think) – it’s been processed a little using the Orton effect – so we’ll see what the judge makes of it.  The image uses a layer, which I know John Bate never did – despite some of his complex creations.

The Lakes – Canon Eos 5D – EF17-40 F/4L – 1/1000 – 17mm – ƒ/4.5 – iso200

For the print section I’m mixing up a silver paper and traditional mono print again.

The first image (Sea of Discs) shows an undulating wave pattern, with the added bonus of a Birmingham gull.

Sea of Discs – Fujifilm X-E3 – XF27mmF2.8 – ƒ/2.8 – 1/4000 – iso200

The second print (Escapism) is the just a simple look up at fire escapes in Birmingham City Centre.

Escapism – Fujifilm X-E3 –  XF27mmF2.8 – ƒ/5.6 – 1/110 – iso200


Well, the digital was nothing to write home about  as neither scored anything.

Prints did much better, escapism was commended and Sea of Discs came first.

Competitions YPS – 2nd Quarterly

So after a fairly unsuccessful 3 of a kind and Rose Bowl its time for another one.

This time it’s the 2nd Quarterly – first up a couple of prints……

Not sure about the title yet, probably along the lines of Stairs Stare
Tram Dodger – The digital of this did reasonably well last season – so time for a print.

Next up – a couple of recent digital images.

Chesterton Windmill

Digital always seems to be a difficult one to master as my images tend not look as good compressed, but we’ll see – it’s still early days and having some points on the board is always good.