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News – whether you want it or not

News blackout – it’s nice in theory but as a practical proposition, possible? What am I on about you might say, well for a while I’ve been attempting to avoid the news. I’m not burying my head in the sand just trying to remove negativity from my life. I’m tired of been force fed an agenda based on a politics and media ownership.

After listening to Darren Hardy (one of the many positivity resellers out there) he’s got a point that news is bad, starting off with breakfast it sets the tone for the day – it just continues to play on your mind and is continuously re-enforced during the day. As I said I try to avoid it, to quote Simon and Garfunkel ‘I get all the news I need on the weather report’ I could use my phone for that, but I guess I like to see someone telling how the weather was yesterday as a precursor to telling what today’s might be. So news is generally avoided – or so you think.

Facebook and Twitter are more and more becoming News Outlets, whilst you can tailor who you follow you can’t avoid the trending column. It’s as tempting as the D*ily M*il’s side bar of shame, just less embarrassing to use. I could drop Facebook altogether, but the friends element of it is a part I would miss.

So what next, I think more granular control is required. Silencing utterly useless ‘Updates’ sites which mainly appear to recycle news from other News Organisations (although part of me loves to read the comments as a human interest study). I just need to learn control over the trending topics, it’s just clickbait. Twitter news hasn’t appeared to be an issue, maybe it’s a good distraction from all the adverts they’re trying to force on me.

Hello World

After taking a short break from the world of blogging, I have returned. Nothing has really changed much – no reason for not blogging other than I just couldn’t be bothered. So back to normal then!!!!!

Oh, my previous guest blogger is returning – I still have no idea who it is.

What Happened?

Nothing too dramatic, first a bad back which prevented running for 3 weeks – now it’s a cold which seems to be preventing anything.  Hopefully i’ll be back to normal in the next few days.