Something changed

Well if you’ve been looking at this site for a few months without any updates, then yes somethings changed.

So before changes, let talk triathlons. I did manage to complete both I set out to do – both were quite tiring, but enjoyable – If I can I might try another this year. If not there’s more next year.

Other than that I’m happy with the outcome of the training.

So what’s changed, well it’s a little thing – but my love for my bank is waning. I know you can’t actually love a bank, so maybe it’s the goodwill, possibly the hope that they might have had my interests at heart.

The trigger was Apple Pay – I hoped that Barclays might have been a launch partner for it, but no – they are quite happy to continue to innovate with things like paying cheques (an outdated and possibly going away soon payment process) via the banking app (yes I have used it – and possibly will use it next week!) and a top up payment system called bpay (which I think is a Barclaycard thing).

It’s my fault for being an Apple whore I guess, however I have these gadgets so I’d like to use them. Looking for an alternative bank was easy – I did initially sign up to First Direct, but they annoyed me by not calling me back about something, so I closed this account within a few days. During this close down I opened a Santander account, which was simple and easy (as was First Direct).

The Visa Debit card arrived quite fast and once in my possession I was able to transfer money to my account, withdraw a tenner and then sign up for Apple Pay (seems to be a condition that the account has to be used for it to work). Work it certainly does, I’m not going to bang on about Apple Pay – but it’s quick and simple to use with my watch for small purchases.

Seems Yardley hasn’t seen much Apple Pay action judging by the double take you get when you use it. The reaction of others isn’t why I’ve got it. But it’s interesting to see people who aren’t tech orientated discovering it.

Moving on from Apple Pay – a different bank account should be much the same as what I had before, right? Well, it seems not – just little things like a weekly email of my transactions and I can set an alert based on balance. These small things make a difference. The transition from Barclays is well under way now. I have a Barclaycard (yes, entirely my fault) with a balance. Should say had one, as I transferred the balance to Mr Beardy Branson’s Money organisation – with a 3 year 0%

Barclaycard bless them, told me I was a valuable customer and have been for a decade and a half. They could have offered me 0% for a year (which might have been nice) and after the balance transfer offered me a credit for, now wait for it………£50 to keep the card. I didn’t

So one account down, possibly a few more to go. I’m slowly moving my current account to Santander after being with Barclays for 27 years. I could use the switch guarantee service, but I have an odd 2nd account which I’m one Direct Debit away from sorting. Once this is done then I’ll use the switch service to close the accounts.

Next move?, well I have a couple of other accounts plus the joint account and Mortgage – a bit extreme because of Apple Pay – might be, but people don’t move banks do they? – I’ve started and the process seems relatively simple.