Training Update 4

Training I’m sure if done right is all about routine – well for me I have a sort of training routine with regards to days:

Currently on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – I try to do around 50/60 minutes of swimming.

Tuesday and Thursdays are my running days.

(Monday to Friday I cycle to work as well)

Currently the swimming is going well. I still try to do 64 lengths, but I’m starting to work on line and pace.

The run was always a tricky one to get motivated by – not sure why as I enjoy it, for some reason on the run days I woke up worn out. So I decided to change things a little. On these days I get up and out of the house early and try to get to the office for around 07:00 – then I’ll start my run. Initially it was to Edgbaston Reservoir, do one circuit then come back (6.1k) – now this is a longer distance than previously attempted, but recent weekend runs gave me the confidence to do it.

So after a few sessions of 6.1k I decided to step it up a little – on the weekend just gone I thought i’d push to around 7-8k, turns out I did 9km – which was quite tiring, but nice to complete. I have now altered my weekday runs, I’m still at the reservoir, but I’ll do two laps instead – the pace isn’t great – but it’s a nice distance to build on (8.8km)